What is Chris’s House?

Chris’s House is a Scottish charity set up to offer a safe, welcoming environment where people suffering with suicidal or intrusive thoughts can come and find refuge. All of our visitors can benefit from an individually tailored programme, designed to help improve their mental health and ease all mental and physical side effects that come with these feelings.

Services at Chris’s House aren’t restricted to people suffering with negative and suicidal thoughts, we know how much this can affect family members and friends, so this is why our services are open to anyone who feel they would benefit from what Chris’s House have to offer.

Suicide in Scotland 

In 2016, there were 728 recorded suicides in Scotland, up from 672 in 2015.

Recent figures show that 25% of people who die as a result of mental illness attended A&E in the three months before their death, with many cases having visited on multiple occasions.

Also, 60% of individuals who died as a result of mental illness had been prescribed a mental health drug in the year prior to their death.